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Our workshops and retreats provide our clients multiple options that will positively impact their personal and professional lives. Our ongoing programs provide many ways to engage and grow through group workshops, retreats, and networking events. We help our clients to develop skills and expertise to master their life's priorities and challenges. We customize our approach based on our client's needs and goals.
Let us help you to design your life's success.


Monthly Leadership Workshops - Group Coaching
Lecture on Religion
DARMILL Leadership Program


Women's Leadership Excellence
At DARMILL GROUP, we have a Leadership Excellence Group just for women! We know how important it is to achieve growth and success through positive-thinking, powerful leadership skills, and building personal and professional relationships based on trust and confidence.


DARMILL’S Women's Leadership Excellence group coaching series helps professionals build powerful leadership abilities and create personal and business relationships based on trust and confidence. In a fun, relaxing environment you’ll engage with other female professionals while developing sustainable skills that promote business success and lifelong friendships.


Women's Leadership Happy Hour
Women's Group Coaching for Personal Growth & Networking
DARMILL Women's Leadership Happy Hour is designed to help professionals master the art of powerful networking and build relationships based on trust and confidence. This event provides a fun and relaxing way to engage with other professionals while developing sustainable skills that promote lasting lifelong relationships.  By participating in this 12-month program, you will not only gain full confidence in networking with others but also develop skills to effectively and powerfully manage life-long friendships.
Small Business Revenue Roundtable
Panel of Business Experts Committed to the Success of You and Your Business

Meets 2nd Wednesday of Each Month

From 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (Lunch Included)

Midwest BankCenter, Winghaven, MO.  


We’re a gathering of business professionals helping each other to solve the problems facing owners and leaders of small to mid-sized businesses. In these meetings, our group comes together to function as a strategy sounding board for the managers in attendance. We’ll define the issues and help develop solutions by working together and sharing thoughtfully. Join us as we bring into focus the innovative perspectives, real-world experiences, and expertise of our group of business owners and leaders to help overcome the challenges facing your business, one problem at a time.


Our Small Business Group Coaching is designed to help you gain perspective, get feedback, and have a sounding board from like-minded business owners. This group is targeted for business owners who run organizations with 10 or fewer employees. Unlike other networking groups, our Small Business Group Coaching will yield real solutions using the expertise of fellow business owners and a seasoned business coach and facilitator. You will be spending 3 hours per month, including lunch, fully focused on learning and working "on" your business rather than 'in" it. You will have the benefit of others that have faced many of the same challenges you may be having and gaining their perspective on how they solved those challenges. There will also be specific learning and sharing modules on various subjects pertaining to running a small business. 

Small Business Group Coaching
3-hour Group Coaching Each Month for business success
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