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Women's Leadership Excellence

Women's Leadership Excellence

Reaching unlimited potential together!

Women's Leadership Excellence Group Coaching

Why focus on a coaching program for women? Because women are different. Your mind for business is methodical, your management and selling style is unique, and your attention to detail is excellent. The expectation to wear varied hats in your personal and business life requires constant motivation.

At DARMILL GROUP, we have a Leadership Excellence Group just for women. We understand how important it is to master the art of positive thinking and have powerful leadership skills. Building strong relationships based on trust and confidence is also key.

Why is Group Coaching Important?

Having someone or a group to share ideas and challenges with, absorb knowledge, and obtain advice from is critical to success and well-being. In a group of like-minded individuals, you will be more energized and positive, less alone. In DARMILL’S group sessions, engaging with other female professionals will provide these benefits.


The Benefits

In this 12-month series, moderated by a top executive and leadership coach, strengths and challenges are identified, and tailored action plans to address professional and personal needs are created.


When the series is finished, you will have mastered of the art of personal development and positive self-talk for maximum confidence. A stronger, more assured, competent, empowered woman with deeper relationships will emerge.


Participation in all 12 events will generate new skills and excitement to fulfill your goals with confidence! The benefits will be permanent personal and professional growth in the following areas:

  • Mastering positive thinking for supreme confidence

  • The ability to identify your inner voice that builds trust

  • Skills to create engaging dialogue

  • Powerful, action-driven communication

  • Networking skills for  instant rapport

  • Assertiveness without conflict

  • Self-management

  • Relationship management

  • Elimination of relational conflicts

  • Maximizing powerful connections

  • Effective listening skills

  • Empowerment in all aspects of life

  • Meaningful friendships

  • Greater personal fulfillment

  • Increased business success

Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready to fulfill your professional and personal goals with greater confidence and accomplishment, contact Maureen Wilson, Email or Call 636-590-6893 to enroll in the Women's Leadership Excellence Group Coaching today!
Download Brochure:
DARMILL Women's Leadership Excellence (PDF)

Women's Leadership Excellence Group Coaching $575 per month


  • Group meets once a month for 4 hours of group coaching; moderated by Executive & Leadership Coach, Dr. Milu Islam

  • Group size is no more than 15-to-20 women

  • Each participants receives 1 hour one-on-one leadership coaching per month with Executive & Leadership Coach (Value: $450 per month)

  • Each participant receives one complementary ticket to Leadership Happy Hour (Value: $125)

  • Entire course is 12 months; minimum commitment is 6 months

  • Receive 20% savings if you register for full 12-month package!


Women's Leadership Excellence Group Coaching 

Fourth Monday of Each Month

From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


The full itinerary will be reviewed in detail during the orientation session. To enroll or inquire, please contact Email or Call 636-590-6893


*All dates are subject to change, cancellation, or addition.

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