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In Partnership With
DARMILL GROUP has partnered with Simploy, Inc. to bring their elite expertise to our clients. By
partnering with Simploy, you will reduce time wasted on HR, lower net labor cost, maximize
productivity and ultimately, increase profitability.
As your PEO, Simploy will allow you to focus on your passion and outsource your headaches, all while giving your employees best-in-class service.
In Partnership With
When you partner with Simploy, they take a lot off your plate.
Simploy clients experience:
  • 9% More growth than the competition

  • 32% Reduction in employee turnover

  • 50% Increased chances of business survival

Human Resources

Businesses have HR needs that are always evolving. Whether it's your company's growth, or a new federal regulation, with Simploy, you don’t have to figure it all out; Simploy does that for you.


Your HR expert will be a constant presence, they will get to know you, and your staff, providing advice and guidance along the way.

Payroll & Compliance

Payroll is complicated: processing, job costing, time and attendance, employer taxes, filing, reporting, compliance, accruals, deductions, garnishments.
Don’t worry – Simploy makes it simple.


With Simploy your payroll representative will handle everything, be there to solve any issues and get your team paid on time.

Workers' Compensation & Risk

Simploy’s Workers' Compensation and risk solutions are extensive. From our master WC policy (with discounts and
credits) to carve-outs and policy management, our claims and risk services save businesses money, year after year.

Employee Benefits

Finding the right combination of benefits for your company takes time; and making sure you get the best pricing is almost impossible.

Our benefit specialists and purchasing power, will make sure you get the right options at the right price.

For more information on these services, contact:

Lewis Marty


Use Priority Code: DARMILL

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