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Startup Development Team

Vilmarie Yampier

Vilmarie Yampier

Vilmarie brings 13 years of diverse experience within the business analytics space in the financial industry for a Fortune 500 company. In addition, Vil is a Sports Analyst and radio talk host which has exposed her to opportunities such as to be on international TV, travel to different countries with access to exclusive sporting events and to interview renowned athletes.


Vil possesses strong analytical thinking, great influence skills and a positive attitude which have been key to her success and to help others succeed in the corporate world. Serving in multiple volunteer initiatives at her workplace, she has served as a mentor and facilitator in different areas helping diverse employees to understand Corporate America culture bringing clarity, guidance and positive support through part of their journey.


Vil has experience working with young adults setting goals, objectives and creating a plan to start their own platforms in the Sports Media Industry.


In her free time Vil loves reading books about leadership, motivation & self growth, taking investments courses, walking with her beloved dog and spending time with her family.

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