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Startup Development Team

Shani Brinkley

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Shani Brinkley is an internationally certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Champion for Women’s Wellness. She began her company, Feed your Wellness as a way to help women glow up from the inside out.


Shani created her own health plan, leading to personal triumph over obesity and releasing 35 kgs of weight. Certified in Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York; her mission is to decrease obesity in children and women by providing access to holistic health practices. In 2017, Shani produced the Women’s F.I.T. Show as a way to uplift women through promoting lifestyle changes. “It’s a re-imagined fitness competition that celebrates women’s healthy habits.” The show’s impact has resulted in women creating new wellness routines, involving family in healthy activities and requesting more wellness initiatives. The Wellness Experience Retreat grew from this urgency for more health and wellness events.


Shani has been a featured speaker at EPICON, Audacity Festival, Global Success Society, ISOB, Frontier's International and Global Health and Tourism Conference. Shani has impacted over 300 women and families with her message of self-love. Connect with her on IG @feedyourwellness and on her website

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