Small Business Group


Small Business Group Coaching
3-hour Group Coaching for business success
Minimum 6-month commitment is required to sign up.

Our Small Business Group Coaching is designed to help you gain perspective, get feedback, and have a sounding board from like-minded business owners. This group is targeted for business owners who run organizations with 10 or fewer employees. Unlike other networking groups, our Small Business Group Coaching will yield real solutions using the expertise of fellow business owners and a seasoned business coach and facilitator. You will be spending 3 hours per month, including lunch, fully focused on learning and working "on" your business rather than 'in" it. You will have the benefit of others that have faced many of the same challenges you may be having and gaining their perspective on how they solved those challenges. There will also be specific learning and sharing modules on various subjects pertaining to running a small business.  


The Benefits of Small Business Group Coaching include the following: 

  • The Collective Wisdom of the Group Members

  • Rapid Access to Multiple Perspectives

  • Affordability

  • Resource Sharing

  • Accelerated Motivation

  • Multiple Support and Encouragement

  • Multiple Learning Through Observation

  • Learning to Work as a Team


The most important benefit of being a part of a coaching group is that as individuals with in a group experience the power of group coaching in working together to address their individual needs and concerns, they soon learn that working together can be fun! 


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