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Startup Development Team

Natalie Ottinger


Natalie's career launched outside of San Juan, Puerto, Rico where she taught English, Speech, Social Studies, and more; she also initiated a book discussion group and inaugurated a girl's softball team - a cultural rarity, as baseball is a huge sport in most of the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, but softball is rarely played. Afterward three years, Natalie moved first to Seattle and then back to St. Louis for a brief time, before relocating yet again to California. During that time, she worked in a few different industries: paralegal work, social work, and more teaching. However, while living in California, she discovered her true love: entrepreneurship.


Natalie realized how many of her passions she cultivated in teaching - advocacy, communication, encouragement, and more - flow naturally in a completely different arena: entrepreneurship. When Natalie relocated to St. Louis in January of 2019, she knew entrepreneurship would be part of the picture. 


Natalie is an office coordinator of the Vino & Vision Program, focusing much of her energy on social media.   

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