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Molly Lovette


Honest heartfelt lyrics and an unyielding passion to create real music makes up the vibrant country artist that is Molly Lovette. This St. Louis native, now Nashville resident, has combined her childhood love of country music with her talent for writing relatable lyrics to create a mature and refreshing sound within the country genre.


With musical influences including Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, and Carrie Underwood, Molly aspires to embody the beauty, power and grace her idols have so effortlessly portrayed to their fans. Growing up in a household where music was always playing, Molly took piano lessons at a young age and in high school was taught how to play the guitar by her dad. It turns out, learning guitar was the inspiration she needed to start writing her own music and she hasn’t stopped since.


With over half a million combined streams just on Spotify, her debut album was a collection of songs she wrote through her high school years. She is now moving forward with her own sound and a more mature approach to writing due to the inevitable fact that she is growing up and experiencing more of life. With her natural gift for writing real and raw lyrics, a supportive team behind her, and the confidence to put her all into her music, Molly is ready to take the world by storm and win the hearts of country listeners everywhere.

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