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Michael Crabtree


Michael loves to see individuals solve their differences by forgiveness. From being bullied in junior high school, to being a victim of racial prejudice, to coping with his own grandfather murdering a man, Michael has experienced the rottenness that comes from cherishing a grudge. 


Holding resentment will damage not only the one who is offended, but also the person who senses that one's ill feelings toward them. Michael's proprietary method of application will help your small business employees, company management team or corporate executives to permanently overcome such obstacles! 


You can expect more respectful communication, tolerances maturing into friendships and a more productive environment!


Michael is quickly becoming well known as The Go-To Forgiveness Coach.


Originally from Indiana, Michael lived in Colorado and grew to love the Rocky Mountains, often hiking or skiing. He also lived in Hawaii, learning to change sports...from basketball (Go Hoosiers!) to soccer, which was far more popular there. Let's not forget about surfing at Hapuna Beach in Waimea!


Next was New York, where Michael was a full time volunteer in construction for 4 years. Since then, he has been happily married for 30 years! He still loves basketball, tennis, racquetball and baseball. In his free time, he enjoys listening to well recorded music in a two channel system. According to Michael, he will always be an audiophile at heart!


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