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Startup Development Team

Melissa Bucholtz


Melissa Bucholtz is an assistant health coach. She specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food so they can have more energy, feel more confident and be more present. Her goal is to inspire people to create lasting, healthy habits. She has always had a passion for nutrition. Her goal is to help others feel their best physically and mentally. 

Melissa also has a passion for exercise and movement! She helps others learn to have fun with exercise and find movement that they really enjoy. Melissa’s favorite forms of exercise are kayaking, paddle boarding, walking and swimming! You’ll often find her out in the water.

Melissa lives in Florida with her husband. She loves the beach, animals and music! She also loves cooking and creating new recipes. She enjoys all different foods and believes that you don’t need to give up your favorite foods in order to be healthy. She’s currently training for her Health and Life Coach certifications so she can use her passions to help people with their health goals! 

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