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Startup Development Team

Mandy Bernert

Mandy Bernert_edited.jpg

Do you want to reach your maximum potential? With Mandy as your life coach, she will help you build self-confidence and get your life on track so that your dreams can become a reality. By examining your current situation and the potential obstacles you may face, she will devise a custom plan of action to help you identify your goals and to be accountable for them. She will be a guaranteed supportive friend and trusted adviser in one on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.


Mandy holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Forensic Biology with concentrations in Chemistry and Law. Her main mission is to ensure that you are completely satisfied backed by her 8 years in Customer Service and 2 years in Education. Whether it is for team building for your business or personal life coaching, knowing that you are in good hands can help.

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