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Lytia S. Brock  

Lytia S. Brock

Lytia S. Brock  is a bestselling author, pastor, mother and serial entrepreneur. In 2016 She has published her new book Making The Most Of Life's Lemons. She is also a successful singer with passion and penchant for aiding those in need of a counselor.


Lytia started a non-profit call Cloaked In Favor Outreach Ministries to help serve the people of God that are not always the status quo. Through Cloaked in Favor God has blessed the outreach efforts to reach Ghana, The Philippines, Kenya, India and the USA. Her mission is to help you overcome self doubt so you can live the life you imagined.


You can follow her on all social media platforms as Lytia S. Brock. 

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