Startup Development Team

Kocysha LaShaun


Kocysha LaShaun is a long-time resident of Central Arkansas where she has authored two books, contributed as a co-author/editor for a best-selling anthology, and also contributes as a Personal Development Writer for Success Profiles Magazine. In addition to being an author, Kocysha is a Certified Life, Success, Empowerment Coach. Her desire to coach was realized while teaching at a two-year college and her number one coaching goal is to help individuals break free of strongholds that hinder them from walking in their purpose with bold confidence.


Kocysha is a life-long learner with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Forensic Psychology. She is currently in the process of achieving three more coaching certifications for CBT, REBT Mindset, and Spiritual Coaching. However, in her free time, Kocysha enjoys playing Candy Crush, relaxing to praise and worship music and reading for spiritual growth purposes. She is also a huge fan of the Investigation Discovery channel and other crime shows.