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Startup Development Team

Dr. Rebecca Fein


Dr. Rebecca Fein has an extremely broad health care background with more than 20 years experience in health care technology, clinical research, medical and scientific writing, and many other consulting roles. Her expertise areas include: global health, health informatics (data analysis), health care management, coaching and mentoring, consulting, change management, strategic planning, and training.


Dr. Fein has been coaching for 10 years in the areas of grief and anxiety, and loves to watch clients create their life 2.0 after struggling with grief and anxiety. She started coaching adults with divorcing parents, and moved out into other areas where support is lacking for people experiencing grief and anxiety.


Her passion for improving the lives of others lead her to get a Doctorate of Health Sciences from A.T. Still University, the founding institution for osteopathic medicine. She also earned a MS from Bryan University, an MBA from University of Phoenix, and a BA from Hope College. Dr. Fein specializes in supporting clients on a journey that is often lonely and difficult, with compassion and care.

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