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Brandy Morgan

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Brandy Morgan is a Certified Master Life Coach who is passionate about inspiring and empowering humans to grow into their purpose. Over the past 20 years, Brandy has personally experienced a myriad of issues, including date rape, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, homelessness, single motherhood, and racism. She has used these life experiences as an opportunity to reshape the course of her life.


For as long as she can remember, Brandy has been interested in people, their goals, and their self imposed limitations. Why do some people have unwavering convictions? What stirs their unquenchable passion?


Brandy’s A.A in Sociology was the first step in learning more about the human psyche and society’s role in people’s achievements or failures. Her next step was studying Psychology with a concentration in Business and Leadership. Last but not least she started training in Goal Success Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Professional Coaching, and Life Purpose Coaching (she is also a California State Certified Sickle Cell Educator and Advocate since 2014).


She started by inspiring family and friends with great success. This encouraged her to seek more responsibilities in local programs that encourage women, youth, and the people of her community.

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