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Arti Kumar-Jain

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Arti Kumar-Jain is the Executive Director of Diya Holistic Life Care and Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC. Arti is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and Holistic Cancer Coach. Arti is also a TV/Radio Show/Podcast Host on Talk 4 Media platform entitled “Light Up Your Life.” Arti has been on many podcasts and discusses entrepreneurship, health and wellness and everything in between. Arti also has a once a month broadcast on offering tips to lead a more fruitful and quality life on the FoxPLus Network in Washington DC.


Arti has over twenty years of extensive experience working with children and families as well as working in the area of positive mindset and client centered care. Arti is also passionate about energy healing and energy work in helping clients. She believes in providing quality care through looking at the person in the holistic lens. Examining the mind, body, and spirit in everything that one encounters is something she feels passionate about. Arti believes in creating comprehensive care programs and development to help maximum the change that people desire in their lives.


Arti believes that everyone can reach their purpose and passion when equipped with the right tools. She finds accessibility and equity to services to be extremely important for people to thrive.


Arti has found the need for community collaborations and partnerships extending globally to truly make impactful change and allow individuals, families, communities reach their best most authentic lives and selves possible.


Arti enjoys spending time with her family, researching and reading, and performing in service.

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